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In terms of commisioning branding & identity design, websites and printed materials it is always useful for me to have a bit of an insight into your requirements, thoughts etc. There is a brief outline for each area of design requirement below.


• If you have a definite idea and can’t execute it – a sketch, doodle, written description is usually enough of a start point
• Set up a pinterest board at and share it with me
• Save iphone images, jpegs from google searches or elsewhere, hard copies, papers etc everything helps create a rounded picture
• Collect anything that might help drive the direction of your identity, even words


• Always worth checking out your peers and competitors to see what they do right and do badly online is a great place to start for visual inspiration
• Websites don’t ‘need’ to look like websites so Apps you like or print that could work as web are all worth a look
• Have an idea of structure – at least page types and function interms of the information required
• Collect URL’s of sites you like the look of even if it’s just a small part that influences you


• Many of the influences for Identity and Web design apply here, please read the bullets above
• If you want to protray a certain look and feel, paper type is worth considering
• Collect other materials that catch your eye or give you the right feeling that you are looking for


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